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take your breath away Lilac's Embrace
Playground Mythology
we are left standing to face what is left of concrete and honey...
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Please just comment to be added! I love meeting new friends.

feel me..: accomplished Hyuu~!

2 memories or trapped in time
It's terrible, this isn't even real story stuff. Just drabbles. (Which are fun to write, but... well...) All in all, I have mostly just been unmotivated, lately. And roleplaying is, in some respects, far easier than writing a story, because as soon as you don't know what to say, you close the tags and press "submit." It's great, really. So hopefully I will jump back on the actually-writing-stuff wagon soon.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with Joyeux Noel. It's mostly just random because-I-felt-like-it.

Pleasant betrayals.Collapse )

EDIT: Errors fixed. Thanks, tsuralai

feel me..: blah blah

3 memories or trapped in time